Friday, July 27, 2012

Seattle in pictures

I'm sitting in the Las Vegas airport, waiting for my (delayed) flight home. Good thing McCarran has free Wi-Fi to go along with its wealth of slot machines.

My time in Seattle in pictures...

We went to Pike Place Market which, while a little touristy, is nevertheless lush, interesting, and colorful. We bought huge, gorgeous bouquets of flowers for only $5 each, which seems unheard of where I live, and we got samples of delicious stinky cheeses at Beecher's Homemade Cheese (I definitely did not stick to a vegan diet on this trip).

Famous fish-throwing locale:

We visited the Chateau St. Michele winery, where we did a tasting and then had a picnic on the lawn.

(I especially liked the 2008 Ethos cabernet sauvignon.)

And my mom and sister-in-law made me go shopping with them. I hate shopping. Detest it. It is a form of torture and punishment for me. However, there was chocolate involved, so it all worked out.

The above picture was taken at Glassybaby. I couldn't tell whether these were drinking tumblers or candle holders, but they were very pretty. I love glasswork. They were just too expensive, too heavy, and too breakable for me to cart home.

I'm glad I went to Pullman. I'm glad I went to Seattle. I'm glad I got to drive across the state of Washington, twice, alone - I think it's good for people to take solo road trips every once in a while - and see the mountains and the flood basalts. I'm glad that the visit with my family was relatively drama-free. And I am very, very glad to be going home. If this plane ever gets here.

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