Sunday, December 2, 2012

By the numbers

2: number of scoops of ice cream I ate last night (coffee + effervescent cherry sorbet)

4: number of additional ice cream samples the lady behind the counter "made" me try (dark chocolate peppermint, sweet potato and marshmallow, bourbon maple, and something with beer). I roughed it out and licked those sample spoons clean.

9: miles ran/jogged this weekend

3: fitness class torture-fests I took part in last week

1: completed application submitted

1.5: glasses of wine consumed today

5: clementine oranges going in my lunch bag for tomorrow

3: average number of times I run the dryer before my husband gets annoyed and folds the clothes himself

1: free cup of coffee I'm getting tomorrow by bringing in my empty coffee bag

4: days until my next trip

12: days I'm going to be away from home (booooo)

1: cheap snow globe that was dropped and shattered over the weekend

1000000: bits of smashed snow globe glass

7: gluten-free pancakes eaten by five-year-old this morning


  1. Why are Christmas decorations so freaking dangerous?! We had a bulb shatter last night, and there are probably still shards lurking in corners around the room.

    And I have the same dryer problem. At least you know they aren't mildewing.

    1. Well, I forgot to mention my other issue, which is the tendency to leave soggy laundry in the washer until it IS mildewy. Really, I suck at laundry altogether.

      We finally managed to clean up most of the glass. It really was amazing, how many pieces it broke into. Several years ago, when my son was two, we made the mistake of briefly leaving him alone with the Christmas tree. Came back a minute later to find him rolling over glass balls with a Tonka truck and unwrapping a chocolate ornament.

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