Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Most Fantastic Present: The RunnerBox

I love giving gifts but I generally suck at picking them out. This is especially true when it comes to my husband, my parents, and my brother's family. I consistently end up finding stuff that *I* want, but for everyone else, it's a crapshoot. And although I'm loath to give gift cards, sometimes that's the best I can do.

My husband is one of those people who's hard to buy for because he doesn't want a lot of stuff. That's something I love about him, but it makes gifty holidays a little challenging. Things I do not buy for him:
  • Clothing. No t-shirts, no sweaters, definitely no pants or shoes. I did manage to get him a running jacket he liked last year, but I was very careful to include the gift receipt and was pleasantly surprised when he did not use it.
  • Power tools. I'm much more likely to wield a drill or a hammer than he is.
  • Books. 
  • Anything even remotely related to man-scaping.
Things I know he likes:
  • Peet's Coffee. But at $14+ per pound, I'm hesitant to splurge for it.
  • Gift certificates to running stores and Hammer Nutrition. Useful, but not very creative.
  • Apple products. Too expensive. 
I was at a loss this year until I read a review of The RunnerBox at Yo Momma Runs. The RunnerBox is a subscription that entitles the recipient to a box of running-related goodies every other month. I  knew immediately that my running-addicted husband would love it. Staci of the RunnerBox team mailed the first shipment the day after I placed the order. When I had an issue with PayPal, Staci also got to work on the problem, resolved it within hours, and kept me posted. I had the gift in hand by Christmas Eve; I didn't have to do much in the way of wrapping it because it came with a gift card, a ribbon, and a little gift-topper. I definitely got the sense that these folks care about the quality of the product and customer service.

The box came with lots of goodies, including tea, a reflector, gum, gels, protein powders, and other stuff that my husband is excited to try out:

I plan to steal some of these from him:

I've already stolen this:

This would be perfect for anyone who enjoys running, and particularly for someone who's new to running or training for a race. What great motivation! Plus, who doesn't love the anticipation of waiting for a present in the mail? :-)


  1. Dude, splurge on the Peet's. Ok, so I don't take my own advice here, only buying it at the grocery store when it's on sale. I have only gone twice for lattes since being in CA. Crazy! Must go tomorrow...

    1. Believe it or not, I didn't go to Peet's even once when I was in Berkeley! Crazy. The independent place a block down from the motel was just so incredibly good.