Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five things (cherries, Kindergarten, television shows about drugs, etc.)

  • I am in love with fresh summer cherries. Rainier cherries are my favorite but really, any decently-priced ones will do.
  • Also I am in love with the show Breaking Bad (four or five complete seasons on streaming Netflix). It's about two guys who make crystal meth, and it's a lot funnier and more riveting than it sounds.
  • I'm going back for more Xtend Barre tomorrow. I'm not as sore as I thought I'd be, and I feel really good about myself even though I can't actually see any results yet, of course. My goal is to do that followed by a 45-minute run. I was supposed to do the run today but lack of self-discipline kicked in. So I'll double up tomorrow.
  • My son has his half-day Kindergarten orientation tomorrow! AAAAAAAHHHH! I feel like we (me, husband, son) are all very unprepared, and none of us seems to believe it's actually happening, but here goes...
  • I sound more upbeat here than I actually feel. 


  1. Any other Netflix recommendations? It seems like there have been slim pickings lately, and I found myself watching Pretty Little Liars. Scary times. I'm gonna check out Breaking Bad!

  2. Hmmm... Have you seen Mad Men? That's pretty good. My husband and I got really into that.

    You know it's slim pickings on Netflix when you start watching Sister Wives. Two seasons in less than a week.