Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A new era for our little family

My little boy starts Kindergarten tomorrow. I know he's ready. I'm pretty sure we're ready, too. But there's definitely a weight to this occasion. He'll need to exercise more independence. He'll have to make more decisions on his own. He'll have to follow other adults' directions/rules, some of which his laid back parents think are kind of silly (not that we'd admit that to him).

It's all good. I don't own my child. I'm responsible for his well being, and I'd do anything for him to keep him safe and secure, but he has a right to his own experiences.

It's not that I'm particularly sad, though there is a sense of, "Wow. I thought we'd never get here, and yet here we are." It's just that I recognize we're turning a page. We're making a transition, and life will change, evolve, if only in subtle ways.

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