Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This marathon brought to you by NEON

The marathon is on Sunday.

It's Wednesday night. 

This tapering is making me crazy!

I wish I could run it tomorrow - not because I want to get it over with but because I am just so darn excited about this thing. I may not feel that way at mile 22, of course, but I'm pumped about the challenge. Plus, I really want to run. It's weird to go from doing weeks of 40-50 miles to weeks of ~10-15 miles.

This is the Space Coast Marathon, so RF and I have decided to go with a neon theme. Because, you know. Space = aliens. Aliens = neon. Or something. For whatever reason, the neon seems entirely appropriate.

My running outfit is all planned out:

Neon yellow socks.
Bright pink sleeves for the first few miles when it's cold (this thing starts at 6:15 a.m.! I'm going to freeze.)
Neon yellow and pink shirt, which we plan to decorate with neon pink duct tape.
Neon headband.
Neon fingernail polish.

Oh, and shorts. They're not shown here, but not because I plan on running pantless. They're pretty understated and nondescript compared to everything else. I wish I could do more of a costume-type thing, but I've never tried that before, even for a short run. So that'll have to wait until I'm more marathon-savvy.

Now that that's all planned out, I can go back to watching Honey Boo Boo and twiddling my thumbs.


Is it normal to feel like a Chihuahua on crack three days out from a marathon? 

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  1. Totally normal! I feel that way, and I'm still two weeks out. Also I get super paranoid before a race. Don't look at me, touch me, or breath in my general direction. Because I'm nervous about getting sickness, brokenness, or bad luck. And anything else that I can come up with.

    And I've wanted to run this race ever since they handed me a moon pie at an expo two years ago. They have the coolest medals!