Sunday, October 7, 2012

I hope I feel that good on race day!

I have never run this far while feeling so okay and maintaining such a consistent pace (10:31). It was a really enjoyable 18 miler.

What helped:
  • RF not letting me know how far we'd gone until mile 10 (better if I don't know)
  • The cool, cloudy weather - SUCH an improvement over the 15 miler from a few weeks ago, when we were slogging through 85 degrees + high humidity + blazing sun. I just plain suck at running in high temps. 
  • The leaves falling down like parade confetti
  • Discovering at mile 16 that the Hammer Espresso gel is AWESOME... I'm not a huge fan of gels (too warm, too gooey, too mucus-like) but this was just the right combination of chocolate + espresso + sugar. Pleasant surprise.
  • Running with RF, who always shows up with plenty of interesting stories to tell. She makes the time pass quickly, and I love our conversations.
  • Stopping at a gas station halfway through to grab a Gatorade. Tasted divine.
At mile 14 or so, I found myself marveling at how absolutely fantastic I felt. I should have seen that as a warning sign: 2.5 miles later my legs were killing me and I was wondering whether I could make it another 1.5 miles. We actually sped up at the end: we just wanted to be done. Something tells me a lot of the tiredness at the end was mental.

If I feel that good on race day, I'll be thrilled.

Next Sunday we're supposed to do 12 miles (I think) and then 20 the week after. We're trying to decide whether we can get away with doing the 20 miler next week, since RF has a weekend-long commitment coming up in two weeks. 


  1. I would go for it on moving the 20 miler up. I think my plan had a couple of 18 then 20 in a row. My memory is crap, so you know that could be completely made up. Can't wait for leaves to start raining on my head while running!

    1. I think we're going to go for it. I am really surprised at how fine I felt just 48 hours after the 18 miler.

      By the way. Marathon training makes me really really really hungry. I may end up gaining ten pounds by the time race day rolls around!